Board meeting: July 10, 2018

July Board Meeting

Heart of Lincoln Square Neighbors Association

7:00PM at Tattler Post 973

Board Members Present:

  • Raminder Chadha

  • Dillon Goodson

  • Adam Kingsley

  • Emily Ransom

  • Emily Stone

  • Paige Worthy

Not in Attendance:

Julia Brown

Emily Friend

Allen Schild


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes

  2. Committee Updates

  3. Discuss Budgeting for Upcoming Initiatives

  4. August 16th Meeting

  • Programming

  • Food and beverage plan

  1. October Meeting

  • Brainstorm Programming

  1. December Holiday Party

  • Brainstorm Charities

  • Discuss Locations

  1. Next Steps: Board Member Roles

Paige Worthy, Board Member, called the meeting to order at 7:06pm

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Raminder Chadha made a motion to approve the previous meeting minutes. Adam Kingsley seconded.

Committee Updates

Beautification Committee has scheduled a neighborhood survey walk to identify and prioritize projects.

Outreach committee (which Raminder will head up) be compiling list of websites and media outlets through which to disseminate information about neighborhood meetings and events.

Adam Kingsley will be joining Julia on the Planning & Advocacy committee to deal with some of the more municipal-related issues they’ll tackle.

Events + Fundraising: Need update from Friend

Discuss Budgeting for Upcoming Initiatives

Budget discussion on hold until Allen Schild returns.

Memberships will be discounted 50% until the end of the year.

August 16th Meeting: Programming

With a “Neighborhood Schools 101” theme, a school supply drive will be promoted for this meeting. We will be contacting local schools to determine what supplies are needed with the Davis Theater and Sulzer Library serving as drop-off points.

Potential speakers at this meeting to include Friends of Chappelle representatives, Amundsen HS Principal Anna Pavichevich and Local School Council representatives discussing how to support your local neighborhood school as a parent and resident.

August 16th Meeting: Food & Beverage Plan

Reach out to Nick’s and other local pizza places to request free or discounted pizza.

October 18th Meeting: Brainstorm

Ward Updates/State of the Ward with Alderman and Zoning Committee speakers.

December Holiday Party: Brainstorm

Potential date of Tuesday the 4th. Charity could be the Friendship Pantry and party could serve as a food drive/fundraiser – novelty check could be presented.

Looking into Artango, Davis Theater, The Grafton and Half Acre as potential locations.

Davis Theater could host a free holiday movie viewing party (family-friendly) or sing-along.

Next Steps: Board Member Roles

Four board member seats will be available at the end of the year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38pm

Emily Ransom, Secretary