Committee descriptions

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Outreach Committee

  • Plan and execute marketing initiatives to promote HOLS to the broader Lincoln Square neighborhood

  • Develop a membership program with benefits; focus on ways to attract and retain HOLS members

  • Act as the liaison to other community organizations and stakeholders

planning & advocacy committee

  • Act as a liaison between organization members and government regarding local development projects (zoning/land use, transit, public space, etc.)

  • Advocate on behalf of the organization on social justice issues, small businesses concerns, and local education

Events & Fundraising Committee

  • Plan and execute HOLS-sponsored festivals & community programming

  • Plan future HOLS social events and gatherings

  • Raise money to support HOLS programming

  • Identify opportunities for HOLS to have a presence at other community events

  • Beautify and enhance the public way through public art, landscaping, and other streetscape projects sponsored by HOLS

  • Organize neighborhood cleanup days

Beautification Committee