Board meeting: March 19, 2018

march Board of Directors Meeting

Heart of Lincoln Square Neighbors Association

7:00PM at American Legion Tattler Post 973

Board Members Present:

Julia Brown
Emily Friend
Dillon Goodson
Stephanie Maieritsch
Emily Ransom
Allen Schild
Emily Stone
Paige Worthy

Not in Attendance:

Ken Edwards



1. Call to Order
2. Open Forum
3. Approval of Minutes
4. Reports
5. Unfinished Business
6. New Business
7. Adjourn

Paige Worthy, Board Member, called the meeting to order at 7:11pm

Open Forum


Dillon Goodson made a note that our Facebook presence is great and feels that whomever has been contributing is doing a wonderful job.

Julia Brown inquired as to the rules or responsibilities as to the posting of content on our Facebook page. Paige responded that as of now there is no strategy but moving forward we should come up with “beats that each of us can cover” with someone covering government and municipal issues, etc. These beats might also fall in line with our special committees. Emily Ransom mentioned that she prefers to report on parks and library news. Paige commented that she gravitates towards restaurants and small businesses. Julia Brown suggested we start asking the community about what they would like to see in the neighborhood {what is currently lacking}.

Board members will be documenting anything of interest, photo-wise and posting to Facebook as being an active presence in the community is in line with our mission as an organization.


Approval of Minutes


Dillon made a motion to approve the Meeting Minutes from the February 22nd Board Meeting. Julia Brown seconded the motion. All in favor, none opposed.




Presidents Report


Paige stated that there is not much to report but we are off to a great start. As we formalize our roles and begin to establish our committees there will be much more to report moving forward.


Treasurers Report


We have our EIN. The 501 C-3 application was submitted as of the morning of 3/19/18. May take anywhere from 14-90 days to hear back about E-Z application acceptance. Allen used his personal information for organization address. Allen also personally paid fees for the articles of incorporation ($75 to file with state and $275 for 501 C-3 application). Once we receive 501C-3 status approval, we can open our bank account and file for state tax exemption. Paige is going to start researching software to manage membership dues and will be reporting back in a week with options for members to pay dues at meetings and online. WinTrust Bank was selected as the bank to hold the association’s finances.


Unfinished Business


Discussion surrounding what paying members will be receiving in return for their membership was focused on providing food at the meetings. Locations for future meetings were discussed and the following list compiled:

Potential locations for future meetings:

  • Nicks

  • Tattler

  • Dank Haus

  • Mythos

  • Old Town School

  • Sulzer – no food so it may work for an annual meeting

  • Welles Park Community Room

We would like to get a point where card carrying members receive discounts at participating businesses as well as free food at meetings.

With plans to have the ability to accept due payments at the April community meeting, we will offer sign-up discounts for members who join that evening or in the first month.

Proposed price structure for membership dues:

  • $20 individual membership

  • $35 household membership

  • $50 business membership

Julia made a motion to approve the proposed rate structure and following benefits: Those who sign up at the April community meeting (or within the first month) will receive a 10% discount, with due paying members holding the ability to vote, serve on committees and to partake in food at meetings. Paige seconded the motion. All in favor, none opposed.


New Business


Emily Stone made a motion to hold April 19th meeting at the American Legion Tattler Post 973. Dillon seconded the motion. All in favor, none opposed.

For the April 19th community meeting, Dillon will be creating a “fleshed-out” list of committee expectations for the following recommended special committees:

  • Marketing & Membership

  • Events

  • Zoning/Development/Small Business

  • Beautification

  • Public Safety/Planning/Advocacy/ Attends CAPS meetings

Upon gathering, each committee will draft a mission statement and goals which should align with the core tenets of the HOLS mission statement.

To ensure that special interest segments such as education and social justice have a home among of the committees, there will be a facilitated portion of the evening to find their placement.

Idea: at upcoming community meeting have a “Block Party 101” info session or consult with “block leaders” and have the info provided on Facebook.

Proposed third Thursday (even month) community meeting schedule:

Dillon suggested five meetings a year in the even months except for December when we host a holiday party.

  • June 21

  • August 16

  • October 18

  • December 6th for holiday party with a charity component

  • ** Maybe a post-holiday mixer in January organized by events committee

  • Annual meeting in February

Allen will be absent at the April 19th meeting but will provide a Treasurers report.

Suggested format for future meetings: Social half-hour with food served at 6:30pm and official programming starting at 7:00pm. Board President/Vice President and Treasurer can present reports and updates at beginning of meeting followed by representatives from Chamber of Commerce, etc. to provide their updates/reports. Following official business, we can have an open forum for discussion or offer the option to write-in questions/concerns/comments which can be addressed at the next community meeting.

June 21st meeting special event: In recognition of International Yoga Day, there will be an optional early start for those interested in a free 30-minute yoga session, hosted by a local yoga studio in Welles Park.

Meeting adjourned at 8:41pm

Approved 5-18-18