Community Meeting

October Community Meeting

Dank Haus— Sigurd

German American Cultural Center

Paige Worthy

Board Chair

Live stream on FB

Mission-community group

John Ratzenberger

Gateway to Learning

Dorothy’s Can Do Café

For adults with learning disabilities

Culinary skills for home, work, community

Dillon Goodson, board member

Ideas -> action

For election season, local, state federal reps

How to improve the neighborhood

19th & 20th police districts

40th & 47th ward alderman


John Fritchey, Cook County Commissioner, Chair of Tech cmte

Early 2000’s dwindling community group participation

Collective voice

Election year budget- no new taxes, revenue -> not enough $

County is better off than city, state

85% of budget -> health & safety

Commander Mark Buslik Dist Comm of 19th dist

Police accountability. PhD in criminology

203,000 in 19th 2nd in population 4 in geography


Sean Lockhart


20th district lowest crime dist in Chicago

Be an educated reader of the media

Cost: crime goes down, resources cut

Complacency: people don’t call the police in safe neighborhoods

Captain John Riordan

Degree in public safety

One of two safest neighborhoods in America 20th dist.

Garage burglaries *biggest issue bikes

#1: self-inflicted crime=e.g. walk the dog leave door unlocked, or window open, car unlocked car running in the cold avoidable— 70% of crime, phones & computers in car, go in=burglary, offenders are young, violence down, tires & rims theft citywide problem, catalytic converters

Composed consent decree: settlement agreements Rodney King-> police depts. Not accountable. Justice dept. can conduct civil rights investigation. How are policies implemented? Supervision, training, accountability. Look at mental health issues, police response inadequate. Training for dealing with someone in crisis. Use of force policy what you should do vs. what you can do. Reform is poor way to look at the issue. Think in terms of transformation. Long-term planning and training. Don’t just fix it, make it work. Ignore politics. Consent decrees are beneficial.

All policies are online. Use of force policy.


Anne Williams, State Rep

North Center, Lincoln Sq, Ravenswood, Lincoln Park…

11th dist, 47th ward +

108,000 constituents

Public safety #1 issue, public schools

State budget challenging

2014-$6 billion in unpaid bills, budget impasse ->$15 billion in debt + service on the debt

2016 -> looking at Trump policies and trying to inoculate IL: choice, healthcare, public schools, environmental, immigrant & refugee rights, net neutrality

Strides on gun violence Gun Dealer Licensing Act, passed bipartisan, vetoed

Mike Quigley, Congressman

Chicago out to Oak Brook

fin svcs, transportation, housing and urban development, appropriations cmte.

Personal contact with reps & staff = most effective way to communicate your ideas

Alllan Schild & Emily Stone, board members

Alderman O’Connor

MB new tenants?

McDonalds reconstruction

Need to patronize local, independent businesses

Alderman Pawar

Universal basic income task force as a way to address poverty, student loans, food insecurity, housing crisis, automation displacing workers

Earned income tax credit

Federal guaranteed jobs program

Office of labor standards

Legislation to get rid of local control of zoning for affordable housing

Need 40,000 units in Chicago

City-wide issues vs. Lincoln Sq.:

Transportation & density & housing

Rockwell hub, Western Ave station, Metra

2-flats -> bigger building

Build densely near transit, eliminate local control

Schools will lose students over time if housing gets too expensive

Vacant storefronts, need more diversity: older, younger, single people

One Illinois-non-profit news org, new project

Prepared by Joanne Oyer

Approved 11-13-18