Neighborhood resources

We're committed to sharing information with our neighbors that makes our community more empowered, compassionate, curious, and involved. Want to suggest another resource to live on this page? This list is always growing. Contact us with your ideas.


Alderman Ameya pawar/47th ward

In 2011, Ameya Pawar was elected Alderman of Chicago’s 47th Ward. Ald. Pawar is the first Asian-American elected to Chicago City Council. While running for office, Ald. Pawar discussed the need for aldermen legislate on city-wide issues in addition to ensuring City services are delivered efficiently.

The 47th Ward website is a great government resource for our neighborhood — and the weekly newsletter is full of links and information designed to help neighbors feel more involved.


The Heart of Lincoln Square Neighbors Association compiled ideas to help you build a sense of community among neighbors.
Suggestions range well beyond the traditional block party, from the relatively simple to the more ambitious.